When Is The Right Time To Outsource Your Social Media?


As most business owners will know, an active social media presence takes time and knowledge and it seems like every month there’s another new social media platform that everyone’s raving about. Implementing a multi-platform social media strategy for your business can be hard work and expensive which is why so many business owners have made the decision to outsource part of or all of their activity to a 3rd party.

But when is the right time to make the change and look to outsource?

  1. When you don’t have the expertise in house.

Many businesses allocate their social media work to untrained and already busy colleagues, which is understandable but ultimately, pointless. Posting poor or repetitive content or posting only when time permits is likely to result in little or no engagement or leads. That’s a complete waste of time and money. If you’re going to do social media, give it 100% or leave it out of your marketing strategy.

  1. When you don’t know how to use Sponsored Ads

Posting great content regularly and building engagement with your target audience is great. However, every social media platform needs to create revenue from you as a business user, so to make your social media strategy work, you are really going to have to supplement your organic reach with some paid Ads.

  1. When you can’t make it a priority in house.

There’s a simple rule of thumb. If the member of staff looking after social media has other, more business critical priorities, you can expect your results to suffer.

  1. When you can’t cover holidays and sickness.

One of the problems with social media is that its 24/7/365 – it never closes! Your customers expect that if they send you a message late in the evening or at the weekend, they’ll get a prompt response. Can you deliver that with in-house resource?

  1. When you want to control your costs.

If you’ve accepted that asking one of your existing team to look after social media on an ad-hoc basis isn’t the answer, then you’re faced with bringing someone into the business (or allocating existing resource) to your social media activity. Then you have to ask – can I afford to pay someone (a responsible, trained individual) a full time salary to look after social media?

  1. When you can’t afford (cost or time) training

Social media management companies (at least the better ones) spend a considerable amount of time and money on maintaining and improving their knowledge of the relevant platforms. They’ll invest in the best 3rd party Apps that allow you to do clever things with your accounts. They’ll make sure their people are ahead of the curve in terms of social media knowledge. If you can’t afford to do the same, best to outsource and let someone else take care of it.

So, accepting we’re biased because it’s what we do, let’s just look at the potential benefits of getting a 3rd party / external expert to take care of your social media.

Outsourcing to the right social media management company means:

  • Your social media accounts are monitored 24/7 by someone whose job it is to deal with any comments, questions and queries.
  • You can expect your posts to be good quality, consistent and targeted at your selected audience.
  • Your sponsored Ads will be created and managed for you with regular reporting on their results and effectiveness.
  • Someone else is responsible for finding, creating and sharing content that is relevant to you and your customers.
  • If you’re not on social media already, someone else will set up your pages and profiles to achieve maximum impact and effect.
  • Someone else will help you form your social media strategy and bring their additional knowledge and experience to the party.
  • You’ll never have to worry about covering holidays and sickness again – it’s someone else’s problem to provide the cover.
  • You’ll know exactly how much your social media activity is costing your business and with the correct reporting, you’ll be able to ensure you’re getting a good return on your investment.

Of course, there are many companies that do social media in-house perfectly well and we’re sure that will continue to be the case, but if you’ve decided that bringing in some external support is necessary, you just need to check their credentials and experience to make sure they are a good fit for your business. Find out how much they charge. Ask about the evening / weekend coverage. Ask to see work they’ve done previously and ask if they have some recent client testimonials.

Like most things in life, you’ll get what you pay for. Employ a big agency with a large team and high overheads and you’ll pay top whack although perhaps get a great service. Pay £50 a month to a lone operator and you’ll perhaps regret it pretty quickly. For a no obligation, no pressure, no cost chat about outsourcing your social media, please feel free to Contact EziMedia

01952 427888 and ask for Keith or Mark